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These Ponies are quiet and quite used to fireworks and other amusements, as they have attended many shows around Australia. These ponies are the BEST team in Australia. The area for pony rides varies according to the space available, being able to utilize a back yard or an oval.  We can set up fences.  The rides are led.  There is no minimum ages, and parents may walk next to their child if they wish.  You get the right size ponies for their age group. We cater to a maximum weight of 45kg. The ride duration can be adjusted to suit your crowd.  Ponies are available at $200 IF only one hour, for one pair. All other rates are $150 ph, per pair of ponies.This includes pony attendant.  Choose from 2 to 12 ponies.Weight restrictions apply. 45kg and under
 No job too big.

Get a $50 discount off your jumping castle when you book ponies for the same event and same duration
*Lessons available, scroll down for details
.I have a WWC check for myself, my partner also has one, a lot of my staff have also, some juniors who help are exempt due to their age. Also, all work is in public, therefore supervised. I also have already recruited some casual staff, in your parts of the state.
I have composed a 'pony ride risk hazard' log book, Also we have many  recent Worksafe entry reports. We have all of our own design fencing, which we often use, we make it child proof, and horse strong! Some smaller jobs, or where we are tight for setup time, may just get bunting flags around the perimeter, and tie up to immovable objects such as horse truck, or horse float, for example. I have been doing amusements, specialising in pony rides for around (and possibly exceeding) 30 years. I actually have about 20 pony ride ponies, and have plenty of ponies I've trained to be 'bombproof', Some of my ponies have been with me for over 20 years, (Bam Bam. Lewis, Mustang) just to mention a few. There is not much my ponies or myself haven't encountered. My ponies can operate in more extreme conditions than Ive ever witnessed any other ponies able to operate in, for example they can and have worked between and under many loud flashing hydraulic show rides and machinery. Naturally horses are animals, and that's where our horsemanship experience, makes these pony rides as well managed as can be. I realise that my business is about customer service, and that magical childhood experience of a Pony Ride, in fact, that's where it all started for me. We charge $7, we give quite longish rides, unless they are very small childrenl or ask to get off. The saddles are actually fully imported singly, and most are under 12 months old, so we hear a lot of passing comments about the appearance and quality of these often colourful or bejewelled saddles. Not to mention, most ponies are actually eyecatching colours. We have an insurance policy that permits us to be helmet exempt on pony rides, when they are led ! We prefer to operate on grass, but probably the worst for ponies is gravel. We try to cater for all age groups, we have no minimum age. We follow RSPCA guidelines' of the rider being no more than 20% of the horses bodyweight, (which we estimate)so, unfortunately sometimes really big kids have to be turned down gently. We always have a bucket of water available in the centre of our area. We clean the manure. I have been a constant pl insurance policy holder since around 1995. I have never had a claim, and incidents have been extremely rare, including all my amusement devices.. I have had many many tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

Phone: 0427 274 122

LESSONS for beginners of all ages, $50 pp, in the yard only. Duration varies with the persons ability/concentration etc 15mins-30 minutes. BOOTS are mandatory !