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HONEY BEAR castle is 4.2x4.2m,  has 4 mesh sides, a sunroof, a recommended load up to 290kg, up to 9 kids depending on size, a parent may sit inside with a nervous child, only $120 for 4 hours

SPIDERMAN bouncer is bright, cheerful, as well as economical at the low rental of $140 for your 4 hours.it measures 4x4m & has a lightweight sunshade.

SIMPSONS combo is 6x3m.it has a small jump area,about 2.5x2.5 with a popup in the middle then climb a few vertical steps, then slide down the small slide, run around the front onto the step, through the circular entrance, to continue having fun!Simpson characters are painted onto the corners,no roof,suitable for small numbers of children,or join with  another castle for more kids, such great value, only $120 for 4 hours,
SPECIAL when hired with another inflatable; ONLY $60

Pony Rides
Plaster Painting
MUSHROOM CASTLE is a small round(3x3m) bouncer perfectly suited for small groups of young children  about 6 six years for example. This charming & unique bouncer is available for 4 hours at the low rental of $120

Get a $20 jumping castle discount with any pony or facepainting booking(min. 2 hours)
ECONO BOUNCE is a small (3.5x3.8m) bouncer perfectly suited for small groups of young children  about 6 six years for example. This bouncer is available for 4 hours at the low rental of $100

CROC CASTLE combo has a slide, basketball hoop & an inflatable crocodile to wrestle.  It has a roof making Croc a perfect choice for Sunraysia! Croc is a spacious 4.5x5m so  why not invite the whole class, suitable up to approximately 14yrolds. unsupervised hire is still only $210 for up to 4 hrs

Introducing 'It's a GIRL thing',
this 4x4m jumper will bring squeals of delight to your daughters birthday party,
only $120 for 4 hours

Unsupervised hire is uninsured hire. For supervision/ insurance add $30 per hour
Travel costs are free inside Sunraysia, past Red cliffs, Wentworth, travelling costs apply. We are willing to travel as far as your job! Travel is $1 per km, per load. Multiple amusements per load available.eg Wentworth to Robinvale is 220kms round trip
CUBBY HOUSE combo has a MINI slide inside, basketball hoop too! It has an adjustable roof that is not too tall, therefore is sometimes hired indoors with a spacious 5x4.6m, why not invite the whole kinder,suitable up to approximately 10yolds.unsupervised hire is only $160, for supervision add $25ph(unsupervised hire is uninsured hire)most people choose unsupervised for private parties.

this 15m monster will occupy the whole school, in any weather they can slide wrestle bounce and play. $295ph, minimum 3 hours

This 8x8m castle has dual slides, hopscotch area, two mushroom pop-ups plus a soft ball hoop. It has a huge capacity of 16 kids. Hire is available at $180 per hour, (3 hrs min.)
Mystery Machine combo, 
has a roof!  Very important for hot summers play, featuring a steep slide, so this one is for bigger groovy kids.
dimensions are 9x3m.
Cost is $350, total, for at least 4 hours

This 12m x 3.5m activity  will really get the team revved up. For a flat rate of $450 for up to four hours. Supervision available $30ph

240 volt power required, (constantly). Generator available at $100 per amusement for unpowered sites
Please pay on arrival. Payment is due at or before the time of service! Thanks for your consideration in this matter.
CAMELOT CASTLE is 7x8m with a removable sun/rain sheild.Camelot has a recommended load of 12 children or 8 grown ups. Camelot castle comes to public events fully supervised & fenced at the inclusive price of $150 per hour. Minimum 3 hours. corporate hire is promoted as complimentary rides, for larger private parties, please enquire how you can get your fourth hour FREE!

The DRAGON combo castle features a happy dragon theme.
Once inside kids will discover a crawl thru popup, generous size jumping area, then up the steps to an exciting slide! With a sunshade 5.5mx5.5m fits up to a dozen kids approx. Cost is $100ph, minimum $400. If you have 2-3 strong persons please enquire how you can get $50 off the minimum hire price, (you provide the labour for set-up and pack-down, we'll instruct you)

castle is 5.5x6m it has a good size single lane slide and bouncing area, with 3 mesh sides, colours attractive to either gender making it a natural choice for many 18ths. Flat rate of $300 for the duration of your party.

This 10m x 3.5m Cool off in the heat of summer with this fun waterslide.
For a flat rate of $590 for up to four hours wet hire.
Slide needs drying time before pack up.

5x5m with slide and hoop. Suitable for boys or girls. Unsupervised hire is still only $220 for 4 hrs
ULTIMATE PRINCESS  CASTLE This beautiful combo castle is sure to make any party a royal success.Yours for $250 for 4 hours. Not including supervision/ insurance. Add $30 ph for supervision by our trained Amusement Operators for public event hire
DISNEY PRINCESS CASTLE, this wonderfully artistic facade transforms your little girls birthday party into a magical experience. Yours to enjoy for only $130
Phone: 0427 274 122